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Saturday, 31 March 2012

April 2012: Top 5 Most Anticipated Releases

A big month for some of 2012's most exciting releases!
April really seems to be the month where the entertainment industry really kicks its butt into gear, as evidenced this year by the entry of several huge releases into its line-up. We've got superheroes, antiheroes, aliens, comedies and so much more on the way, so I thought I'd settle the score by revealing the Top Five most promising releases...
5. PROTOTYPE 2- This looks like the true feel-bad video game of the Spring, featuring a dark antihero hell bent on getting revenge on his enemies using his crazy super powers of destruction. Expect an epic open-world adventure of proportions akin to Just Cause 2 and GTA. (Tuesday 24th)
4. THE WITCHER 2: ASSASSINS OF KINGS ENHANCED EDITION- Dubbed as one of the most visually splendid RPGs of all time last year by critics, Witcher 2 is now headed to Xbox 360, and I'll bring you the full review of this hardcore adventure as soon as possible after launch day. (Tuesday 17th)
3. DEREK- If Ricky Gervais can pull off such audacious pieces as The Office, Extras and Ghost Town, then I have no doubt we'll have a great time watching his take on nursing homes in the middle of the month. (Thursday 12th)
2. KINECT STAR WARS- I've always been a huge fan of George Lucas' sci-fi Star Wars saga, plus my Kinect peripheral has been gathering dust for a while despite working pretty well. Thus I'm looking forward to combining these two gaming behemoths into one fun and hilarious experience. (Tuesday 3rd)
1. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE- Yep, it really is time to see Marvel's greatest heroes come together for an almighty ensemble piece this month. How can the Avengers possibly hope to topple Loki and his army of alien invaders? There's only a few weeks until we find out, and I for one cannot wait! (Thursday 26th)

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