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Sunday, 25 March 2012

House: Nobody's Fault Review (5/5)

A genuine game-changer, full of consequences for the team...
Every now and then, out of nowhere the writing team of House bring us an episode which totally and utterly changes the rules and dynamics of the show. Nobody's Fault is one such romp, thrusting Chase and the good Dr Greg into the limelight as the former character suffers from the reprecussions of a devestating mistake that the latter essentially forced him into, and an inquisitioner arrives at Princeton Placebo to lay down justice. I've been saying recently that this final season of the programme has been depressingly predictable, especially without the likes of Lisa Edelstein or Olivia Wilde to change things up with a revelation or two, but finally I'm able to say without a doubt that the shattering events of this one-hour tour de force of the show's greatest strengths look to lead to a dramatic shift in its focus in what can soon be known as the beginning of the end. Hugh Laurie and Jessie Spencer are on fine form here as they should be in such a monumental game-changer of a piece, playing off one another and indeed off the 'antagonists' of the episode, resonating in the ways in which they deal with the accusers and the patients and the potential paths their actions may take them down towards the finale. That a sustainable sub-plot still manages to manifest itself within the patient-doctor trauma is equally representative of the writers' ability to twist the format of this drama to suit their needs yet retaining the formula all the same. All this wraps up to give us one of the finest episodes of House in a long time, perhaps since the passing of Amber and Kutner a few seasons back, without a shadow of a doubt sending us in the most intriguing of directions on the way to the show's climax.

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