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Friday, 23 March 2012

The New iPad Sells 3 Million Units

Apple's new device skyrockets in sales (as usual?)...
Barely a fortnight after its official unveiling, the newly released "new iPad" has already performed well in stores. Apple has released the device's first official sales figures, and in doing so they've revealed that over three million units of the hardware have been sold so far. That's a pretty substantial profit for the company considering that the original incarnation of the iPad took around this amount of time to budge the one million mark. Of course, features-wise there is very little new offered this time around, but it's safe to assume that this group of consumers consists of either the slim minority not in possession of the device who were waiting for an excuse and the dedicated Apple-ites who will buy any single piece of hardware that comes fresh off the legacy of Steve Jobs. I don't want to sound disrespectful; it's just that the more Apple milks its current-generation devices, releasing update after update rather than innovating so heavily as they once did with the unveiling of the iTouch and iPhone in 2007, the further they reduce their overall influence on the tech market. I reckon we're seeing the days of a manufacturer on its last legs, in such a situation where we must hope desperation finally pays off with some groundbreaking idea- and fast. The new iPad is out now worldwide.

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