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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Q1 2012: Best Game

I won't spend too long dawdling on why Mass Effect 3 has earned my award for the Best Game of this quarter of 2012, as I've covered it extensively with my 10/10 review and by awarding it with the 'March 2012: Best Release' title too. What I will say once again is that despite the ending being a little lacklustre in my opinion, this sci-fi shooter's journey is perhaps one of the most epic and cinematic storyline ever to feature in a video game of this calibre. The way in which BioWare has seamlessly integrated the imported saves of past characters in the huge overarching narrative is massively impressive, setting a precedent for all future role-playing entries and any other developers who try to use a similar style of save data having a profound impact on their sequels. Will we ever see a video game project this ambitious again? I highly doubt it, at least not anytime soon. Don't remember ME3 for the controversy; remember it for the visceral, thrilling ride along the way and your view of the trilogy won't be tainted at all!

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