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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

2012 In Review: March

A look back at the third month of 2012...
So, we're already four months into 2012 (I know- blimey!) and as such there have been a whole host of releases and announcements flying our way in the last few weeks. Let's take a look back at what March had to offer...
  • Trailers for Sonic 4 Episode 2, Sleeping Dogs, Neighbourhood Watch, Steel Batallion: Heavy Armour, Kinect Star Wars, Men In Black III, Prometheus, The Dictator, Avengers Assemble, Dark Shadows, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Ice Age: Continental Drift AND Epic Mickey: The Power Of Two all surfaced in the busy thirty one days.
  • We had a load of big announcements of previously unknown titles, including the full unveiling of Assassin's Creed III to the masses with the first concrete details and CGI trailer.
  • Will Ferrell was finally able to confirm that there will be a sequel to Anchorman coming in the next couple of years!
  • In terms of great television, we found Glee: Yes/No, House: Nobody's Fault and Glee: On My Way to be some brilliant examples of why Q1 still had a lot going for it.
  • Mass Effect 3 actually arrived after the countless delays, and brought with it such a AAA experience that it warranted nothing less than a perfect 10/10 score and the Best Release award!
  • The Hunger Games was also a pretty strong new movie release too, even if the hype was a little overexaggerated. It still managed a hefty 4.5/5 (9/10) despite my story qualms. 21 Jump Street was a nice surprise too, earning a great 4/5 here.
  • BioShock: Infinite's release date was finally revealed as October 19th, putting it up against Medal of Honor and Assassin's Creed that month...
  • A fifth series of Being Human was commissioned, confirming that the BBC still have a lot of faith in their fantasy drama.
  • We were told that Pottermore would be making its full return in April.
  • Forza: Horizon and Fable: Heroes were announced along with new details for Halo 4 and Fable: The Journey revealed at the Microsoft Spring Showcase.
  • The blog hit its two year anniversary, and we had a look back at the best releases from March 2010 up to now to celebrate! Bring on Year Three...
  • That all this is just the tip of the iceberg- the Carnegie shortlist and many other things came about too- in terms of March reveals really speaks wonders for how busy this month was!
  • Steven Moffat confirmed that due to Moriarty being a one-hit wonder in the Arthur Conan Doyle novels, we won't be seeing the character again anytime soon in the modern Sherlock series. That's a shame, as Andrew Scott is fantastic in the role.
  • Wanderlust was an absolute bomb of a movie (1.5/5), and John Carter turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for me and indeed commercially (3/5).
  • All the controversy surrounding Mass Effect 3's ending began, and worse still BioWare looked to make the bad move of giving in with the announcement of "extra game content initatives" being used to modify the epic conclusion.
  • Two sad developments occured: Total Wipeout was cancelled, and the GAME Group headed into adminstration, losing 277 stores before month's end.
Though GAME's administration woes overshadowed everything with a tinge of sadness, March really seems to have been the month where the entertainment industry started to buck up its ideas for 2012, going all out to surprise and excite us hugely!

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