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Friday, 6 April 2012

Skyfall Trailer Coming In May

James Bond's new adventure begins on the big screen next month...
The Daily Mail have confirmed that the first full trailer for the new James Bond movie Skyfall will be released next month. The latest instalment in MGM's famous series of adaptations of the works of Ian Fleming takes our favourite secret agent to his most dangerous frontier yet, as a terrorist attack in London sparks a chain of events that leads James to question his own MI6 peers and even those of them he thought to be true friends. Dark days surely lie ahead for Agent 007, a fact sure to be showcased by the first full preview provided to us from MGM Studios in May. According to the Brit newspaper, we'll see the trail play alongside Men In Black III upon its release on May 25th, so watch out for that video online near that date. Skyfall reaches cinemas here on October 26th.

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