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Friday, 6 April 2012

TechTroid- Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Announced

Will this be the reckoning many fans wanted? Find out the first details over at TechTroid!
It's safe to say that the Mass Effect 3 ending turned out to be a pretty controversial topic amongst fans and critics of BioWare alike last month. As such, the announcement of a free DLC pack called Extended Cut intended to provide "clarification and closure" next month will likely be met with the same kind of controversy, but overall I hope it can bring a swift end to the artistic integrity conversations that have been plaguing us recently as BioWare have promised they won't actually change any of our endings. For the full details on the new content, head over to my article on TechTroid via this link: http://techtroid.co.uk/mass-effect-3-extended-cut-announced-7616. A Resurgence DLC pack of new multiplayer maps and characters has also been announced, and that will be out later this month.

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