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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Coming Up This Week: July 1st-7th

Now You See June...Now You Don't! As July brightens our calendar, take a look at what its first week of entertainment holds...
For some of you, dear readers, it may be difficult to believe that we've already reached the seventh month of 2013. If that shocking truth is rather startling to you, then fear not- the first week of July has a few great releases to compensate. It's not exactly jam-packed, simply because July as a whole is mainly film-focused with little else on offer, but there's definitely some interesting content on the way in the seven days ahead.

Here's our guide to the four hottest releases coming to our shores between Monday and July 7th, this week featuring a certain magical trick up their sleeves:
NOW YOU SEE ME- Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman in one film? Say no more. At its heart, Now You See Me is a thriller tinged with magic, as a band of magicians infamous for pulling off trick-fuelled heists are chased by the FBI in a race against time to halt the ultimate grand finale. If Eisenberg and the production team get this right as the former did The Social Network, we could very well have the next Inception on our hands! (Wednesday 3rd)
DOCTOR WHO: SHOCKWAVE- What better way could there be for Britain to rival Independence Day over in the States with a new release from one of its most beloved franchises? Continuing the Destiny of the Doctor AudioGo range, this month's instalment focuses on the Seventh Doctor, as he and Ace are embroiled in a plot of galactic proportions, and where the Time Lord may more than ever possess his own hidden agenda. The plot of Destiny is thickening throughout the 50th Anniversary, so fans will not want to miss this Sophie Aldred-narrated audio drama. (Thursday 4th)
THE BLING RING- Emma Watson has had a surprisingly eventful career in the years following her work on the Harry Potter franchise, producing stellar new motion picture efforts like The Perks of Being a Wallflower and This Is The End with something of a trademark flair along the way. Her next endeavour is based on a true story about a group of rebellious teenage girls who aimed to rob some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood- and who achieved that goal. Let the mayhem commence...(Friday 5th)
SHERLOCK: BBC ONE SEASON TWO REPEATS- Nope, it's not that season of Sherlock, not quite yet. Instead, this run of repeats on BBC One brings Season Two back to the silver screen, allowing viewers another chance to see the Woman, the Hounds and the Fall once more while Season Three films its finale later this month. This week, A Scandal In Belgravia kicks off the run, as Sherlock comes face to face with the one woman who knows him better than anyone- for better or for worse! (Friday 5th)
AND THERE'S MORE- Well, not much more, but there's one other new release you can look forward to nevertheless. Oz: The Great And Powerful lands in DVD and Blu-Ray retailers on Monday, and as our 3.5* review confirmed in March, it's well worth the time of any fans of Disney or indeed fans of the classic Wizard of Oz wanting to discover more about the origins of Oz, the Yellow Brick Road and the rest!
AND NEXT WEEK...The Summer of Film continues with two more almighty blockbusters, as both Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim and Disney Pixar's Monsters' University burst into cinemas everywhere.

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