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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Xbox One DRM Policy Changes Announced

Microsoft reveal the game-changing modifications they're making to their Xbox One OS in order to satisfy the vocal masses of gamers...
Microsoft have today announced a host of influential changes to the Xbox One Operating System intended to respond to the controversy that broke out around the console at their reveal event and E3. The changes presumably come in the midst of a good degree of Xbox fans threatening a switch to the PlayStation 4 hardware, but moreso it shows a true sign of a company taking heed of the comments and desires of its fanbase months ahead of their new product's release.

I have to commend Microsoft for these changes, even if it means that some of their interesting original policies have to fall by the wayside as a result. Here's our full round-up of all of the big changes that will come via a Day One patch:

  • The Xbox One will not be 'always online', allowing players to always play offline games with no 24 hour update restriction. Internet connections will only be required for a Day One patch to the Microsoft Xbox One Operating System.
  • You can now play games anywhere, with no restrictions on disc usage regardless of family, friends or anyone else, with trading in games and lending games working in the same open-ended manner as Xbox 360. Games are now mainly disc-based as a result of this.
  • There are now no restrictions on preowned games, meaning that players can trade in games and borrow games from rental services at will just as they did with Xbox 360.
  • There will be no region lock on the console for any region, and downloaded games will work in the same one-purchase manner as before.
  • All the same, the sharing of Xbox Live Gold across all accounts on one console which Microsoft announced will still be intact.
The Xbox One will launch across the world this November.

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