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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Video Corner: Minions, Maise & More

Catch up with Despicable Me 2's best assets, see what Maise Williams had to say on the Red Wedding and plenty more in the latest edition of our weekly feature!
This week on Video Corner, we've put a central focus on finding some of the most hilarious licensed YouTube videos of the last seven days, each based on a popular entertainment franchise that fans know and love. Keep us posted on the usual social network links as always if you discover new great videos, as these could be included on the next edition of Video Corner!

For now, though, look out for particular highlights from Despicable Me, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and more, as we delve into the greatest moments of licensed hilarity to be found on the interwebs...
MINIONS GO BANANAS- If you didn't catch Despicable Me 2 at its advanced screenings over the past weekend, then for now while you await its June 28th release date, you can at least check out this hilarious video focused on its lovable Minions. Featuring Minions chasing a precious banana, this great short preview of a longer mini-movie is not to be missed!
MAISE WILLIAMS ON THE RED WEDDING- This video has become something of a viral hit on Vine. Essentially, it shows Game of Thrones' Arya, Maise Williams, giving a brief post-episode reaction to the events of the Red Wedding, a plot development which the actress knew very little about. Prepare to laugh, big time...
MAN OF STEEL: LOIS & CLARK EDITION- With DC and Warner Brothers' hit superhero film Man of Steel now breaking out into cinemas everywhere, it is inevitable that we've now had a few mock trailers for the film on our shores. Here, it's the turn of the classic TV show The Adventures of Lois and Clark to shape a Man of Steel trailer, offering cunningly placed shots from the programme in a rather epic context.
DOCTOR WHO: MATT'S U.S. GOODBYE- On a slightly less positive note, we return to the news that Matt Smith's incarnation of Doctor Who will bow out at the end of 2013. To soften the blow, Matt has provided a subtly comedic 'goodbye' message in New York that has all of the British charm for which the actor and our nation are renowned.
LITERAL DEAD ISLAND TRAILER- Tobuscus' series of Literal Trailers have proved to be a smash hit with fanbases across the world. Well, get ready for another winner, as the team take a look back at the controversial original preview for Dead Island- undoubtedly, this hilarious rendition of the trailer is one of the biggest highlights the video team have provided us with...
THE EMPEROR GETS A NEW JOB- Finally, we have a painstakingly humorous situation to pose to you, dear readers. If ever you've wanted to see what happened to the Emperor after the events of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, then now's your chance, as we pick up proceedings with Darth Sidious attempting to find new employment. Look no further if you're a big Star Wars fan with an appetite for great comedy!

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