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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Video Corner: Post-Hiatus Special

"You'll never see this coming." Plenty of hilarious and compelling videos to be found within our Post-Hiatus special edition of Video Corner!
Now On-Screen is fully back in action, our regular features including Video Corner are back in full force. We're kicking off the series' return with a host of videos that you may well have missed during the 1.5 month hiatus, some of which are hilarious and some simply more relevant to the entertainment industry.

Let's waste no further time, then, as there's a heck of a lot to get through. Without further ado, shall we begin?...
HONEST TRAILERS: STAR TREK & IRON MAN 2- The Honest Trailers video blog always produces hilarious renditions of beloved recent motion pictures. Over the last few weeks, they've released great 'trailers' for both 2009's Star Trek and 2010's Iron Man 2, and you can see them both right now below.
IRON MAN 3: HITLER VS MANDARIN & HOW IT SHOULD HAVE ENDED- We all love Iron Man 3, don't we? Regardless of your answer to that open-ended rhetorical question, these two videos take the events of the third entry into great satire and work them to hilarious effect. They're both worth your time, and they're both right here below.
DOCTOR WHO: THE CLIFFHANGER, STRAX ON HIS GREATEST SECRET & VIVID SYDNEY CONCERT- Our compilation of a trio of Doctor Who 50th Anniversary videos should satisfy the appetite of just about any Whovian ahead of the celebrations coming our way this November. Here are the game-changing cliffhanger of The Name Of The Doctor, Strax's thoughts on the Doctor's greatest secret and indeed the celebratory Vivid Sydney concert held in Australia.
DEADPOOL GAMEPLAY TRAILER- Until now, we've known very little about what the upcoming Deadpool video game will provide players with. That's all changed, however, with this mildly hilarious gameplay trailer that showcases a tonne of Deadpool's fourth wall-breaking gags and the gunplay players can engage in later next week!
FENTON- Because honestly, why argue with an all-time classic?

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