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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

DWNP- Doctor Who: Trouble In Paradise Review

Moving into the second half of the 50th Anniversary range, can AudioGo keep up the momentum? Find out in my review of this Sixth Doctor adventure...
Over the last six months, AudioGo have been slowly but steadily building up to the 50th Anniversary with 'Doctorly' monthly releases in the Destiny of the Doctor audio drama range. In June, it's Colin Baker's turn to get the spotlight, with the new tale Trouble In Paradise by Nev Fountain.

At Doctor Who News Page right now, you can find my definitive review on this latest instalment. It features the Sixth Doctor, Peri and Christopher Columbus, as well as a few surprise guests who should bring welcome shocks to long-term fans and newcomers alike. Our monthly reviews will continue at Doctor Who News Page as we build up to November's finale release The Time Machine which will cement the 50th Anniversary at AudioGo! Here's the link to our 3.5* review: http://reviews.doctorwhonews.net/2013/06/troubleinparadise-250613081508.html

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