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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

E3 2013: Microsoft- The Announcements Guide

Discover the secrets of Xbox One right here, right now in our full announcements round-up fresh from E3 2013...
Sufficed to say, no matter what Microsoft waltzed onto the E3 stage with last week, it would have been a groundbreaking moment for video gaming. The E3 2013 conference that they did provide turned out to be a real game-changer, revealing countless numbers of new IPs, exclusive titles and indeed details on the company's Xbox One hardware ahead of its late 2013 release.

We'll be covering each of the big three publisher conferences from E3 2013 today, but to start with, without further ado let's see just what Don Mattrick and his team had up their sleeves...

  • METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN ANNOUNCED FOR XBOX ONE- First up, Konami revealed the inevitable news we had all been waiting for- Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will retail for Xbox One amongst its launch platforms upon its release. The first proper gameplay video confirmed Kiefer Sutherland to provide the new voice of Snake, along with a desert open-world setting to revolutionise the series' trademark gameplay. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will retail on Xbox One in 2014.
  • NEW XBOX 360 CONSOLE DESIGN ANNOUNCED- On top of showcasing the Xbox One console on full display at their E3 conference, Microsoft also went on to confirm that a new edition of their Xbox 360 hardware would be available to gamers. This incarnation of the 360 more strongly resembles the One and possesses enhanced visual capabilities. The new Xbox 360 is available now for purchase.
  • WORLD OF TANKS XBOX 360 EDITION ANNOUNCED- One of a few choice new Xbox 360 announcements Microsoft gave us was confirming that the hit online MMORPG World of Tanks will be coming to their current-generation console. This downloadable title will ship on Xbox Live this Summer.
  • MAX: THE CURSE OF BROTHERHOOD ANNOUNCED- Another downloadable Xbox 360 exclusive, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is an ambitious platforming follow-up to the classic digital hit Max and the Magic Marker. Again, expect Max: The Curse of Brotherhood to retail on Xbox Live in the Summer.
  • DARK SOULS II RELEASE WINDOW ANNOUNCED- In a brief reveal of fantasy horror sequel Dark Souls II releasing on Xbox One, developers From Software also confirmed a release window for their much-anticipated new instalment. Dark Souls II will retail for Xbox One in March 2014.
  • NEW RYSE: SON OF ROME GAMEPLAY VIDEO DEBUTS- It's been a little while since we saw CryTek's Ryse take to the stage at E3 2012, but the project's now back and more ambitious than ever. This Roman title will feature both controller and Kinect gameplay and retail exclusively on Xbox One this November at the console's launch, and you can catch the first footage below.
  • NEW EXCLUSIVE TITLES ANNOUNCED- In a wave of Xbox One exclusive announcements, Microsoft confirmed that seven new IPs, Sunset Overdrive, Killer Instinct, Titanfall, Quantum Break, D4, Below and Project Spark are already in the works. We're promised more announcements on this line-up at Gamescom, but for now we know these various titles will ship in November and 2014.
  • NEW FORZA MOTORSPORT 5 GAMEPLAY VIDEO DEBUTS- Another exclusive member of the Xbox One clan, Forza Motorsport 5 is now a mere five months away from our grasp. To celebrate, Turn 10 Studios unveiled an all new bout of race footage featuring their Race Avatar gameplay system and some cracking visual spectacles to boot. Forza Motorsport 5 lands exclusively on Xbox One this November.
  • MINECRAFT: XBOX ONE EDITION ANNOUNCED- Amongst a host of new IPs and franchises, it was reassuring to know that Microsoft isn't letting go of its past exclusive partnerships either. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will pack big new features in an enhanced online environment, and again retail exclusively on Xbox One this November.
  • NEW QUANTUM BREAK GAMEPLAY VIDEO DEBUTS- Remedy Entertainment's new project Quantum Break has been shrouded in shadows ever since the Xbox One reveal event, and the new trailer below does little to alleviate our uncertainty. What we do know is that the game moulds together gameplay sequences with a compiled live-action TV show to provide an experience for the player like never before. Quantum Break retails exclusively on Xbox One in 2014.
  • NEW MICROSOFT CURRENCY SYSTEM CONFIRMED- Not happy with the Xbox Points system? Microsoft guessed that- so for the Xbox One Live experience, we're reverting back to the good ol' fashioned credit/debit card system. Xbox Points will no longer be the currency system for Live, meaning that online transactions should be a lot simpler in the new generation.
  • DEAD RISING 3 ANNOUNCED- If ever we needed to wonder how Microsoft could top all of their previous exclusive announcements, then confirming Dead Rising 3 was their solution. This third instalment utilises Xbox SmartGlass technology in a gameplay environment the likes of which the Xbox 360 could only dream of producing. Dead Rising 3 retails exclusively on Xbox One in November.
  • THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT ANNOUNCED FOR XBOX ONE- In yet another confirmation of a multi-platform title hitting the Xbox One, RED Studios revealed that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will indeed retail on the next generation console. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt retails on Xbox One in 2014.
  • NEW BATTLEFIELD 4 GAMEPLAY VIDEO DEBUTS- If it weren't enough for Microsoft to already confirm that Call of Duty: Ghosts and all of Activision's future FPS efforts will have exclusive first DLC on Xbox One, they then confirmed via DICE that Battlefield 4 would follow the same modus operandi. Check out the new, incredibly realistic gameplay below...Battlefield 4 retails on Xbox One and Xbox 360 this November.
  • HALO 5 ANNOUNCED- 343 Industries are certainly on a roll right now. As well as revealing their new project Halo: Spartan Assault as coming exclusively to Windows Phone 8 this Summer, and indeed their Halo live-action TV series collaboration with Steven Spielberg, the development team have now also revealed that Halo 5 is coming to continue the Reclaimer Saga too. Halo 5 retails exclusively on Xbox One in 2014.
  • KINECT SPORTS RIVALS ANNOUNCED- Of course, it wouldn't be E3 without a casual Kinect game in there, although Microsoft wisely chose to announce Kinect Sports Rivals after their E3 conference. Rivals boasts an island for players to partake in rock climbing, jet skiing and loads more new sports, so there should be fun for the whole family here! Kinect Sports Rivals lands exclusively on Xbox One this November.
  • XBOX ONE PRICING, PREOWNED GAMES POLICY, ONLINE OPERATIONS & RELEASE WINDOW CONFIRMED- And now it's time for the big one- the new details on the Xbox One console itself. The console will ship for approximately £430 (including the hardware, the controller and the Kinect sensor) in November 2013, feature Blu-Ray Playback and Gameplay Recording Systems. Players will need to log in online once every 24 hours to update before resuming their gameplay, and there will be no blockage of pre-owned games unless third-party developers choose to issue a fee. The console will not play Xbox 360 games due to its architecture, but a system for playing these 'Classics' may eventually surface. We'll have plenty more details on the Xbox One hardware and its release in the months ahead.
For all the latest on Xbox One, Microsoft's gaming strategies and everything else besides, keep it On-Screen in the weeks ahead!

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