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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Amazing Spider-Man Launch DLC Announced

What exclusives can you get ahold of at retailers?
Amidst the release of a brilliant new trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man film reboot, Activision have also revealed the launch DLC exclusives which will ship with its video game adaptation. Those of us who buy online through Gamestop will get the 'Rhino Challenge', an exclusive bonus mission where players take the role of Rhino in an attempt to escape his captors. Meanwhile, Amazon buyers get perhaps an even better bonus- playing as Stan Lee as he swings through the city of New York to find the lost pages of his script! Yep, after the comic creator's great Avengers cameo, the man is back for an awesome starring role; thus I'd advise heading to Amazon if you can. The Amazing Spider-Man: The Game will release on June 29th.

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