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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Coming Up This Week: May 9th-13th

The hiatus begins, a show nears its end and a dark fantasy emerges...
This week really will see the beginning of the blog's temporary hiatus (which will last thirteen days, so bear with it!), but on the plus side there are a few interesting new releases on the way. Here's everything that's still heading to your cinemas/tellies/stores in days to come...
HOUSE: POST MORTEM- In the first episode of the final trilogy of instalments for House and his team, Princeton Placebo must deal with their toughest challenge yet as their finest doctor goes missing. The truth is, he's on a road trip with Wilson as they try to take their minds off his impending cancer results. But what will happen if House discovers his friend's odds really aren't favourable?
DARK SHADOWS- Meanwhile, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are back for a new dark fantasy horror-comedy. Featuring an all-star cast, an intriguing vampire-in-a-modern-world narrative and a cool twist on the Twilight lore, this new romp is sure to add some more laughs to the Summer Of Film and commence kicking this blockbuster season back into gear!
AND THERE'S MORE...David Hasslehoff makes the break into horror with ambitious and raunchy sequel Pirahna 3DD; Blizzard have Diablo III all set to take the PC world by storm and the Glee drama continues as Finn makes a startling accusation of Quinn in Prom-A-Saurus.
ON THE BLOG- Our hiatus will start this coming weekend, so in the next few days I'll be previewing what's coming up after this short break as well as reviewing House: Post Mortem; Glee: Prom-A-Saurus and Derek.

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