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Friday, 18 May 2012

Hulk TV Show Coming In 2013

It looks as if Avengers Assemble won't be the last time in a while that we'll see the Incredible Hulk on our screens by any means. ABC President Paul Lee has revealed that the distributor is likely to pick up a season of the proposed Hulk television show in their 2013-2014 TV schedule having been unable to do so for the current fiscal year. "The Hulk is in development," he said, "It wasn't ready for this season, but we hope it'll be ready for next season. We would like to see some more Marvel projects move to television." Join the club, ABC, join the club... But seriously, it would be great to see this programme do well, so long as it could keep up the momentum following the escapades of a green beast as efficiently as the comics have done for the past two decades! The Hulk will likely commence broadcast in late 2013.

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