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Saturday, 12 May 2012

First The Campaign Trailer Released

Can Zach Galifinakas and Will Ferrell give us the Autumn's surprise hit?
For all of the exciting comedies coming our way in the Summer Of Film (The Dictator, American Pie: Reunion, Dark Shadows, Ted, The Watch and Ice Age 4 are just the beginning), there's actually little in the way of subtler humour to be had this blockbuster season. Enter The Campaign, a rather patriotic romp starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifinakas as two budding politicians entering the arena for a place in Congress! Sure, this first newly-released trailer isn't looking on a par with The Hangover (5/5) or Due Date (3/5), but on the plus side the pair of comedians look to sport some sublime chemistry, so above all this should just be a great laugh. The Campaign arrives in the UK on September 22nd.

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