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Friday, 25 May 2012

The Simpsons Short Announced For Ice Age 4

File:Ice Age Continental Drift teaser poster.jpgTV's most beloved animated family are back, if you catch my drift!
Fox have confirmed that a Simpsons animated mini-episode will broadcast in cinemas in front of 20th Century Fox's new animated film Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. The fourth instalment in the hit Ice Age franchise sees Manny and his friends separated from their families in the midst of Scrat's nut-chasing antics causing the Earth's continents to tear apart (hence the title). It has been revealed that the mini Simpsons romp will be called The Longest Daycare and focus on the little baby Maggie's exploits at a daycare centre. Whether a lone bonus such as this will be enough to entice you to see this third sequel is up to your personal taste, but as I found with the neat Toy Story short attached to The Muppets, if you're already eagerly awaiting the main feature, the initial short can become the icing on the cake! Ice Age: Continental Drift lands in cinemas on July 17th.

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