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Friday, 18 May 2012

Halo 4 Details Blow-Out Emerges

The cover art, the collector's edition, all the details right here!
Take it in for a second. Yep, you know what I'm talking about- that cover art. Lavish, eh? By the looks of it, this exciting promo release for Halo 4 signals a major shift in the extent of 343 Industries' marketing campaign for their highly anticipated sci-fi FPS comeback. As well as releasing the beauty of an image that will be adorning our shiny 360 disc cases when we shell out £40 for this epic in a few months time, the dev and their publisher Microsoft Game Studios have unleashed a wave of new details on Halo 4 and all that it entails. Read on for the full coverage of what's been revealed...
  • THE LIMITED EDITION: This time around, there will be just one Collector's Edition so as to allow 343 to maintain a tighter focus on one all-round quality product. Included in the £90 package will be exclusive access to new maps for the War Games multiplayer segment (basically the name for the online modes); early access to weapon and armor specialisations; a purpose-made UNSC Infinity briefing package; a special edition of the Forward Unto Dawn live-action short movie and bonus digital content for use via Xbox Live. It's quite a package, and certainly for series fanatics it'll be well worth a pick up.
  • THE MULTIPLAYER: Right now it seems as if 343 want to continue to play their cards close to their chests in terms of revealing the insides of their Halo 4 single-player campaign. Still, rest assured that'll be at E3 in some format, and until then, we've got some juicy gossip on how the online portions will play out. First off, there'll be a bunch of weekly Spartan Ops downloadable missions for both solo and team players to tackle in a side-campaign that branches out from the main one, and these'll be accompanied by developing CGI cutscenes too. On top of that will be the general War Games area, where players will be able to duke it out as per the FPS multiplayer stereotype, only with SPARTAN IVs who the Master Chief will encounter in the main storyline. This should all help for there to be a seamless integrated feeling for offline and online players, and hopefully it'll be executed a little better than in Mass Effect 3.
  • THE NEW TRAILER: Oh yes, and with all this new news on the game has come a new mini-trailer where Frank O'Connor speaks on Halo 4's impact on what's being called the Reclaimer Trilogy. Indeed, he discusses too where the franchise could head in the next decade, talking over some exciting gameplay footage, so take a look!
That's all for now, folks; Halo 4 retails on November 6th.

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