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Saturday, 5 May 2012

More Arkham City GOTY Details Released

What you'll get in this bumper version of On-Screen's Game Of The Year 2011!
As well as Rocksteady releasing their new DLC pack for Batman: Arkham City, Harley Quinn's Revenge, next month, the developer is also bringing us a full Game Of The Year edition of the title later this year. A full list of all of the DLC that will be included on the disc (so internet-less gamers can play everything!) has been revealed by publisher Warner Brothers:
  • The full Arkham City main campaign, all of the original Riddler's Revenge Challenge Maps and the Catwoman missions all make their returns, obviously.
  • Both the Robin and Nightwing Challenge Map packs (including being able to play as either character in any Challenge Map) will be included on the disc too, previously only either a GAME exclusive or pre-paid DLC.
  • New challenge maps taken from the various downloadable packs will include: Wayne Manor; Main Hall; Freight Train; Black Mask; The Joker's Carnival; Iceberg Lounge and the Batcave.
  • The Harley Quinn's Revenge storyline expansion will feature in its entirety so that you can catch it if you don't get the chance later this month/
  • On top of all that, there'll be a host of cool classic skins which you can don on each of the various playable characters. The full list of these is as follows- 1970s Batsuit; The Dark Knight Returns; Year One Batman; Earth One Batman; Batman Beyond; Animated Batman; Sinestro Corps Batman; Long Hallow'een Catwoman; Animated Catwoman; Animated Robin; Red Robin and Animated Nightwing.
Batman: Arkham City Game Of The Year Edition will ship on September 7th, while the standalone Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC is set for release on May 30th.

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