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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

BioShock: Infinite Delayed To 2013

One of 2012's most anticipated games won't make its intended release window...
It's always disappointing to hear of a delay of an anticipated new video game. Perhaps the most crushing setback revealed so far this year is the delaying of BioShock: Infinite- it has been confirmed today by developer Irrational that the game will retail next year. Taking place decades before the events of the original and its sequel, Infinite focuses on an assassin who is hired to save a young girl from her demons. It's definitely a shooter to watch, which of course makes the setback even harder to come to terms with for fans of the series and indeed enticed newcomers. Still, this at least gives the Autumn Of Gaming a little room to breathe- and rumour has it, publisher Take Two have ushered in this delay so they can get Grand Theft Auto V to us on October 23rd instead! BioShock: Infinite is now due for release on PS3, PC and 360 on March 1st, 2013.

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