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Friday, 18 May 2012

Glee Series Four Details Revealed

Change is in store for the New Directions this Autumn!
As if it weren't enough to get three conclusive final episodes for the third season of Glee this month, the show's producers have already begun teasing us as to what's in store for the upcoming next season. What with the effects of Goodbye- next Thursday's impending series finale which will culminate with the graduation of several McKinley High favourites- you might expect there to be change in store for the show's format, and you'd be right: the US comedy-drama will now adopt a 'show within a show' format, whereby the escapades of Kurt and Rachel at the NYADA Academy in New York will be shown in parallel to the continuing lives of those Juniors back at high school. They themselves will be enterting their final year before heading out into the big wide world, so it's clear that little will stay the same for fans anymore, for better or for worse given that we're heading into Season Four. Whatever your own stance on the show, those still engaged with the laughs, the songs and the tears flooding onto screens every week will be glad to hear that Glee returns to Sky1 this Autumn.

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