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Saturday, 26 May 2012

New FarCry 3 Footage Unveiled

Far-cry-3-box-art-xbox-360.jpgGet another look at one of 2012's most exciting shooters...
Ubisoft have released a brand new gameplay video for their upcoming third-person shooter FarCry 3 via GTTV. The latest footage shows protagonist Jason Brodey fighting his way to the top of a burning building in a desperate attempt to save his girlfriend from the flames before it's too late. With any luck, this section's supposed linearity will be just a minor element of the final gameplay experience, but even before my review of Max Payne 3 I can at least assure you that Rockstar have already proved this Summer how linearity can be used to a developer's advantage. Will it be a Game Of The Year contender? There isn't too long until we find out... Expect loads more details, screenshots and videos fresh from the stagefloor at the E3 Expo in one week's time. FarCry 3 will retail on September 6th.

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