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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Coming Up This Week: 14th-27th May

Max Payne 3 kicks off, Glee reaches Graduation, House discovers the truth and so much more in the next fortnight...
So, tonight is when the hiatus begins. It's actually going to be a fair bit shorter than I'd originally expected, lasting the best part of twelve days alone. Anyway, for now let's focus on the bright side- there's tons of new releases to check out in the week and a half or so that we're temporarily away, and thus I've rounded up all the big entertainment instalments you need to see, play and love whilst the blog is on its hiatus! Without further ado:
DIABLO III- It's taken a while, yet Blizzard Entertainment are finally ready to launch the world's biggest online fantasy RPG ever. Expect glitches and thrills galore as Diablo III makes its debut on the world wide web! (Tuesday 15th)
THE DICTATOR- Sacha Baron Cohen has starred in some pretty offensive comedies in his time. However, The Dictator may just top the lot in terms of downright controversy, and if you enjoyed Borat and Bruno this is probably right up your street. (Wednesday 16th)
MAX PAYNE 3- If Rockstar was ever going to top Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, they would need to bring back one of gaming's most iconic heroes. Of course, that's exactly what they've done. Bring on Max Payne 3, quite possibly the most thrilling third-person shooter experience of 2012...(Friday 18th)
HOUSE: THE END- It's hard to believe that Hugh Laurie's medical drama House has limited time on its hands. As fans have learnt, the series finale's title Everybody Dies may not bode well for some of the main characters we've stuck with for eight years, and with many of the Princeton Placebo team deserting our favourite doctor, you have to wonder- will House get out of this show alive? (Thursday 17th, 24th)
GLEE: GRADUATION ARRIVES- Sky1 are giving us one heck of a musical treat over the next fortnight. A double bill of Props and Nationals is on its way this week as Tina's world goes topsy turvy and the New Directions face their ultimate challenge. Then, to conclude the season next week there's Goodbye, a heartbreaking yet uplifting conclusion to the story arcs of loads of the central characters. Get the tissues ready...(Thursday 17th, 24th)
MEN IN BLACK III- As if it weren't enough to get American Pie, Dark Shadows and The Dictator in the space of a month, we're also about to witness the return of the Men In Black onto the big screen! Can Agent Jay race back in time fast enough to save his best friend and teammate's life? (Friday 25th)
GHOST RECON: FUTURE SOLDIER- It's been a long time in the making, but Ubisoft aren't delaying it anymore! Ghost Recon: Future Soldier looks to provide some of the most engaging and compelling FPS battles of the entire year in video gaming; fans better get ready for some serious anticipation satisfaction. (Friday 25th)
BAFTA TV AWARDS- Will Sherlock get the recognition it deserves? Or will the soaps dominate once again? The British Academy's TV Awards will broadcast live, bringing us some of the most surprising verdicts on our much-loved UK shows we'll likely hear this month! (Sunday 27th)
AND THERE'S MORE...Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, The Descendants, True Blood: Season Four and Underworld: Awakening hit Blu-Ray and DVD retailers, Two & A Half Men reaches its season finale, The Ricky Gervais Show and Very Important People continue and Men In Black: Alien Crisis ships to consoles in the upcoming fortnight. Yep, there really is something for everyone!
AND NEXT WEEK- On the week when the blog returns, we've got Batman: Arkham City- Harley Quinn's Revenge, Snow White & The Huntsman AND Prometheus to come, plus all of the news to catch up on and the big build-up to this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo...

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