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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Coming Up This Week: May 21st-27th

It's the end for House, it's time for the New Directions to graduate and it's the return of the black suits, the future soldiers and of course the blog itself this week!
Despite the fact I covered the whole fortnight in last week's 'Coming Up This Week', with the blog's brief return over this weekend I thought it might be a good idea just to give you a look at what's coming up specifically in the next seven days. I'll be teasing more out as to what 'THE REVOLUTION BEGINS' means when the blog returns on Thursday and the changes that that entails will be implemented over the course of the Summer, but for now here's everything that's coming up. As part of the changes coming to the blog, every week the trailer for what I believe to be the biggest release of the week will be shown at the bottom of the post too...
AT THE MOVIES- As well as a big sci-fi comedy we'll move onto in a bit, the UK box office is getting a couple of other interesting additions to the Summer Of Film this week- alternate reality Nazi sci-fi thriller Iron Sky marches into cinemas, along with the light hearted rom-com What To Expect When You're Expecting. Don't worry, the list of releases will ramp up soon as we move further into the Summer!
GAME ON- The video games industry is suffering from a drought of sorts right now, as evidenced by the big release below being one of the few gaming highlights of the week. Still, there's the hardcore Japanese RPG Dragon's Dogma to look forward to, and quite frankly in terms of utter difficulty it's looking every bit on a par with Dark Souls, so keep an eye on that! Otherwise, Rockstar released Max Payne 3 yesterday, so why not check out that if you get chance?
ON THE SHELVES- We'll be seeing True Blood: Season Four; the heartwarming, Oscar-winning (quite why it got Oscars I'm not sure, but still) drama The Descendants plus thrillers The Grey and Haywire arrive in the DVD and Blu-Ray charts this week. Perfect nights' entertainment, I'd say!
SWITCH ON THE TELLY- Believe it or not, the first season of Two & A Half Men with Ashton Kutcher in a lead role reaches its climax this week with Oh Look, Al Qaeda!, a hilarious finale that sees the departure of a much-loved cast member. On top of that, The Ricky Gervais Show continues with another chuckle-full conversation from Ricky, Stephen and Karl and The Voice races towards its breathtaking climax.
BOND BLITZ- After months of silence from MGM Studios, we'll finally be getting the first trailer for the new Daniel Craig Bond movie Skyfall this week, showcasing all of the exciting setpieces heading our way when the film debuts in October. On top of that, one of the in-game movies for the video game tie-in 007 Legends will be revealed, so it's a great week for fans! (Monday 21st)
GLEE: GOODBYE- All good things must come to an end. Thankfully, Glee will be back with us this Autumn, but one thing's for sure- not every one of the cast members will return! Who will 'live' and who will 'die' in this exciting series finale? Tune in to find out...(Thursday 24th)
HOUSE: EVERYBODY DIES- House has some heartbreaking decisions to make this week as Martha Masters, Thirteen, Chase, Cameron and Kutner (watch and find out how!) return into his life as it reaches its darkest moment. There really are some deaths in store for this ultimate final episode of the show, so expect tears, thrills and uplifting joys aplenty! (Thursday 24th)
GHOST RECON: FUTURE SOLDIER- One of May's biggest video game releases, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is finally hitting stores after countless days. Can it integrate Kinect well? How will the varied visuals stand up against the big FPSes of this console generation? Perhaps most importantly of all, can the main campaign's storyline do something we haven't seen before? We'll get the answers to all of those questions and many more besides in just a few days time. (Friday 25th)
MEN IN BLACK III- It's hard to get your head around the idea that Will Smith and Tommy-Lee Jones really are back in black for another epic sci-fi adventure this week. Nevertheless, the reality is coming as Men In Black III zaps into your local cinemas, and if you want a bit of fun then it definitely looks like something I can recommend to you! (Friday 25th)
BAFTA TV AWARDS- Which of 2011 and early 2012's television shows will win these prestigious British awards for the best dramas, romances, action setpieces and portrayals? We'll see for sure in the re-broadcast awards ceremony next weekend, which promises to be a great watch. (Sunday 27th)
ON THE BLOG- On-Screen is back on Thursday. When we return, there'll be everything I promised in the 'Coming Soon' article and more- by the end of the next couple of weeks, you can expect reviews of The Dictator, Dark Shadows, Men In Black III, Max Payne 3, House: Everybody Dies, Glee: Goodbye, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Prometheus for starters, and oh so much more as we head towards E3, the full kick-off the Summer Of Film, the Olympics and of course viva la revolution!
AND NEXT WEEK...Batman: Arkham City's final adventure arrives with the release of the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC, Prometheus sends the Summer Of Film into overdrive AND Snow White & The Hunstman tells a fairy tale like never before in days to come...

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