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OS Cover Image

Saturday, 19 May 2012

First Forza Horizon Screens Debut

Our first look at one of the year's biggest racing games!
Before the cover art and first screenshot for Microsoft Game Studios' new video game Forza Horizon were released, I had my suspicions about the project. Would it be able to differentiate itself enough from Forza Motorsport 4 (9.5/10), a game which in itself represented the pinnacle of racing innovation on consoles and even then didn't manage a full 10/10 due to this genre being one that has been retread so many times it could never feel totally original? Well, despite the rather atrocious game logo- let's hope that gets changed before or after E3- things are actually looking pretty darn attractive on the Horizon front, with a cross-terrain kind of open world racing teased by Microsoft and overseer to Playground Studios, Turn 10 (who make the mainstream franchise, to which this is a spin-off). There's no sign of the 'Better With Kinect' banner on the cover art, which could suggest a return to arcadey basics this time around, or simply that Microsoft don't want to play all of their cards before E3. Either way, you can guarantee we'll be seeing a lot more of this at their conference, and that short of a global catastrophe that Forza Horizon will be with us this Autumn as per the new annual release schedule for the series. Yep, we've got a Treyarch-Infinity Ward system going on here for Turn 10-Playground, whereby Forza Motorsport 5 will then be with us presumably as an Xbox 720 launch title in Autumn 2013! Weird thoughts, eh...?

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