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Friday, 11 May 2012

Kick-Ass 2 Director Confirmed

Could this be the stand-out comedy of 2013?Though the comedy-film industry seems to be at something of a loose end right now, with tired gags and 'outrageous' stunts the order of the day for the general crop of mediocre flicks constantly thrown our way, back in 2010 one film looked to change all that. Kick-Ass (5/5) was an extraordinary piece of cinema, infused with charm, satire and above all a grand sense of energy and enthusiasm interwoven through the whole hilarious experience. It's testamony to that that the recently announced sequel is looking to be one of my most eagerly anticipated movies of 2013, and we now know who will direct it. Instead of Matthew Vaughn (who'll simply produce, due to alleigances to X-Men: Second Class), we're getting Jeff Wadlow. Wadlow has worked on the film Never Back Down in the past amongst other projects, and I'm sure that Universal will have known just who could manage a sequel of this calibre when conducting their search for Vaughn's replacement. Expect more news on Kick-Ass 2's cast, narrative and release window very soon...

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