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Friday, 4 May 2012

More Merlin Series 5 Details Revealed

Big twists are coming to the Arthurian legend this Autumn...
What with all the ruckus surrounding just when and/or how Sherlock will make its comeback next year and indeed when Doctor Who will return for its anniversary run, it's easy to forget that another season of Merlin is on the way too later this year. Lead star Colin Morgan (aka Merlin) has been chatting with Series Mag some more on Series Five, its contents and its place within the Arthurian legend...
  • "The action takes place a few years after Series Four."
  • "I can confirm the return of Mordred, but he'll now be played by an older actor named Alexander Vhalos. Anyone familiar with Arthurian legend knows that Mordred plays a central role in the fall of Camelot. His presence is not a good omen for the kingdom..."
  • "Dragons will be at the heart of the action, because Merlin and Morgana now derive their powers of these magical creatures. Their next battle should be epic. Morgana could outmaneuver him this time..."
  • "I think it's time that Arthur learns the truth. But it will be a real test for both of them and it's uncertain if their friendship will survive such a revelation. Arthur is so convinced that magic is evil and killed his mother and his father that he'll struggle to remain objective. And Morgana and her scheming will also have an influence on Arthur's opinion of magic."
What with the time-jump and the introductions of more dragons and Merlin's magic reveal, we can hopefully expect Series Five to provide a thrilling conclusion to a brilliant drama. Merlin returns this Autumn.

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