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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Trailer Showdown: April/May 2012

Our latest feature pitches the month's biggest previews against each other...
What with our hiatus impending, it's high time I give you a taste on one of the countless new features heading to the blog upon its return. First up then, is Trailer Showdown, a regular article where we pit some of the best video game, TV and movie trailers against each other and pick a winner of the preview in particular that makes you want to see that release the most. So without further ado, let's take a look at the trailers that have been making the headlines in late April and early this month and pick the cream of the crop...
PROMETHEUS (April 30th)- Another stunning look at perhaps the most anticipated science-fiction of 2012, you can't help but think Fox may be giving a little too much away about Prometheus now. Nevertheless, the new footage of the fears and foes of this Alien prequel epic make for very exciting viewing. 5/5

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (May 1st)- It seems that the legend really will end in July. This new preview of Christopher Nolan's final Batman movie is thrilling through and through, rightly withholding most of the major narrative details for the film such that unlike Avengers and the other big Summer blockbusters we'lll know very little of what's coming up. And quite right too! 5/5

CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS II (May 2nd)- Will Black Ops II be a game-changer or just another typical COD? I can't tell you that for sure, yet the first trailer undoubtedly has a great cinematic feel to it and if the game itself can keep that up then we're in for a bombastic treat. 4/5

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (May 3rd)- Undoubtedly one of the Summer Of Film's underdogs, fans don't seem to be welcoming Marc Webb's reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise. I personally reckon the new trailer actually makes the film look pretty darn good, but we'll have to wait and see...4.5/5

THE EXPENDABLES 2 (May 4th)- I'll level with you on this front: short of an unforeseen turn of events whereby it doesn't set me back a penny, I do not plan to see The Expendables 2 under any circumstances when it arrives at the box office. Sadly, the trail doesn't do anything to change my mind on that front, suggesting there'll be even less of a narrative than there was in the dire original (2/5) and thus that again we're looking at one of the worst films of 2012 right here. 2/5

THE WINNER: It's an ever-so-narrow victory for the Dark Knight Rises marketing team here. Their superbly dark rendition of Gotham City's haunting final days of its legend is captivating to watch (to say the very least), and just manages to edge out Prometheus in terms of sheer shock and anticipation factor.

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