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Friday, 18 May 2012

New Amazing Spider-Man Trailers Revealed

The Webbed Wonder's newest adventures glimpsed in film and video game form!
Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man is definitely what you might call the superhero underdog of this year's Summer Of Film. Stuck between Avengers Assemble (now the 9th best-selling film of all time, and earning a 5/5 score here) and the equally anticipated The Dark Knight Rises, the reboot flick certainly has its work cut out convincing movie-goers to part with their hard earned cash for a story they've seen before. Nevertheless, based on the new 4-minute 'Super Trailer' the signs are looking pretty promising, seeing as Andrew Garfield looks ripe for the role, Emma Stone a wonderous crush and Rhys Ifans a thought-provoking antagonist and above all there's a great blend of humour and darkness to the whole preview reel. You'll also find below a new glimpse at the video game tie-in due out the week before the movie's release, this time showcasing the impressive Web Rush mechanic and its gameplay implications. The Amazing Spider-Man: The Game ships on June 29th, while the film The Amazing Spider-Man itself will debut in British cinemas on July 4th.

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