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Friday, 11 May 2012

Call The Midwife Christmas Special Commissioned

It seems we won't just be making a call of duty this Winter...The period-drama television series Call The Midwife has been commissioned for a one-off Christmas Special, the BBC have confirmed. The show first debuted this January, showcasing the less-comedic talents of Miranda Hart and an intrepid cast of rising stars in its 1950s capers. Clearly, its success both in terms of critical and commerical appeal has been of major importance, since the BBC are nowadays far less likely to christen a new Christmas slot unless the broadcast holds an annual position in the festive listings- a.k.a Doctor Who, Outnumbered, The Royle Family and roughly every Shrek film known to man. It's entirely possible too that the broadcasters want a definitive period drama to match Downton Abbey, which now dominates a genre once left to the weekday afternoon slots. Either way, expect to see the new Call The Midwife special on Christmas Day, before the show then returns for a full second season next Summer.

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