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Friday, 4 May 2012

Final Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Debuted

Are you caught up in its web yet...?
Few would contest that The Amazing Spider-Man has without a doubt found itself in the most challenging position for a superhero movie in this year's Summer Of Film. Not only has Marc Webb's reboot got the tough job of topping the Tobey Maguire trilogy of movies based on the Webbed Wonder, it's got the equally daunting task of doing it within just five years of the last fully-fledged instalment's worldwide release. That said, the newly released launch trailer for the movie really does its promotional campaign some much-needed good, completely emphasising the trademark humour, wit and web-spinning battles that make the comic-books such legendary inspiration. Short of a miracle there seems to be no topping Avengers Assemble (5/5) or The Dark Knight Rises, yet this feisty reboot is now looking to put up much more of a fight than we had previously expected! The Amazing Spider-Man arrives on July 4th.


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