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Friday, 4 May 2012

Microsoft E3 Conference Named

Entertainment evolves this Summer, according to Microsoft!
Microsoft's conference for this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo has been given by a name via broadcaster Spike TV. The event will be called Entertainment Evolved, and it's planned to incorporate Halo 4, Forza: Horizon, Fable: The Journey and new unannounced 2012 titles to come from both Microsoft Studios and third-party publishers. We're told to expect new reveals of Microsoft's big 2013 exclusives too, but I'm hoping we hear some big groundbreaking announcements, since right now there's nothing that seems to sound like it will steal the show. Even if we do get Fable, Halo, Forza, Tomb Raider, Call Of Duty, Kinect Sports 3 (let's be honest, it's coming), Dance Central 3 (let's be honest etc.) and other new Kinect games- and maybe if we're lucky GTA V- that hardly seems like a sufficient enough roster to top Nintendo's full-scale reveal of the WiiU, so Microsoft will really have to bring their AAA game to 'win' the show. E3 commences on June 5th, but we'll get to see Xbox Entertainment Evolved on June 4th at 6pm, and I'll be here bringing you a live blog of both that conference and Nintendo's (Sony's is at 2am, and much as I love writing for you dear readers, that's a push too far!).

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