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Monday, 28 May 2012

Coming Up This Week: May 28th-June 3rd

Prometheus lands, Arkham City reopens its doors and Star Wars takes a new direction in the next seven days...
It's time for the first of our themed weeks- ALIEN WEEK! All across the next seven days, you'll see features and reviews based all around Ridley Scott's iconic sci-fi movie franchise that examine each and every one of its instalments so far and their spiritual successor Prometheus. On top of that, here's everything else you can expect to see this week...
BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY- HARLEY QUINN'S REVENGE: My Game Of The Year 2011 returns for another bout of action tomorrow as Harley Quinn seeks vengeance for her lost betrothed, capturing Batman and forcing his fellow Caped Crusader Robin to return into Arkham City one last time and shut the district down forever...but is he already too late?!? (Tuesday 29th)
STAR WARS- A NEW HOPE?: Geoff Keighley has confirmed that this week's Game Trailers live show will bring with it the revelation of a brand new Star Wars video gaming franchise. Is it a sequel of sorts to the Battlefront or Republic Commando series, or something else entirely? There isn't long until we find out. (Thursday 31st)
RAIDERS OF THE LOST TRAILER: Despite the game's delay to Spring 2013, Tomb Raider will feature too on Thursday's GTTV. The first snippets we've seen of the new trailer look very Uncharted-esque, so I for one can't wait to see what surprises and setpieces the full video holds! (Thursday 31st)
PROMETHEUS: They went searching for our beginning...and now we're about to find out why the crew of the SS Prometheus are about to stumble upon a secret which could lead to our end. Prepare for a groundbreaking new science-fiction horror from Ridley Scott the scale and ambition of which you won't have to seen for a long time- bring on Prometheus! (Friday 1st)
AND THERE'S MORE...Fairy tale fans will be eager to catch Kristen Stewart's dark adaptation of Snow White & The Huntsman, while anyone who regretted missing out on Underworld: Awakening, The Artist, Chronicle and/or Journey 2: The Mysterious Island can make up for their mistakes by grabbing them on DVD or Blu-Ray from today.
ON THE BLOG: The anticipation for the core build-up to E3 will be tangible in these last few days, but on top of that we'll have all the coverage on the latest developments in the Summer Of Film and reviews of Men In Black III, Max Payne 3 and Prometheus coming your way!
COMING NEXT WEEK: It's E3 WEEK, so prepare for a blitz of video games coverage in what many players might call the Christmas of their industry. Our coverage of gaming will quiet down considerably after next week- make the most of one of its busiest periods! On top of that, there's even a massive WORLD EXCLUSIVE on its way too...

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