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Saturday, 7 December 2013

First Gotham Plot Details Revealed

James Gordon returns in a prequel to Batman Vs. Superman, but which iconic young Gotham citizen will join him?
Warner Brothers have today revealed the first plot details on their upcoming television drama Gotham. Set before the events of their 2015 ensemble superhero film Batman Vs. Superman, the series will follow James Gordon on his first cases as a Police Detective in Gotham City.

For some time now, it had been rumoured that the pilot episode of the first season would chronicle Gordon's dealing with "a very famous double homicide", i.e. the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. That initial premise appears to have been all but confirmed by Warner Brothers' casting call, as the studio are now searching for a young actor to play Bruce Wayne in his teenage years after his parents' demise. Bruce will remain a series regular should the show be picked up for a full season, although we don't yet know whether Gotham will inhabit the same universe as Arrow and Flash and/or Man of Steel and Batman Vs. Superman (two currently separate DC cinematic universes which the studio have yet to confirm as intertwined).

Gotham premières on ABC and Channel 4 in Autumn 2014.

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