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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sherlock Mini-Episode Prequel Announced

Sherlock Holmes returns on Christmas Day! Well, sort of.
The BBC have today announced the release of a special mini-episode of Sherlock later this month. A prequel to January's Season Three, the short video (titled Many Happy Returns) focuses on a single character who believes Sherlock to have survived, and will star cast members from the season première The Empty Hearse.

If Steven Moffat's last brief prequel, The Night of the Doctor, is anything to go by, then fans should be in for a treat here. Don't expect Moriarty to pop up in any surprise twist, but perhaps we can anticipate either to learn more about the fanbase depicted in the second teaser trailer, or indeed John Watson's betrothal to a certain Mary Morstan! Either way, this is a great initiative through which BBC One can commence the promotion for their much-anticipated new series.

The Sherlock Season Three prequel mini-episode will launch via BBC Red Button on Christmas Day.

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