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Friday, 6 December 2013

Ultra Street Fighter IV Release Window Announced

Find out when the definitive version of Capcom's cross-generation fighter lands!
Capcom have today announced the release window for the current- and next-gen versions of their upgraded fighting video game Ultra Street Fighter IV. Presumably launching before a full-scale PlayStation 4/Xbox One incarnation of the acclaimed franchise, Ultra follows the release of Street Fighter IV in 2008 and Super Street Fighter IV in 2010 along with a 3DS edition of the latter in 2011.

Suffice to say that the Ultra package will represent the greatest value for money in a Street Fighter product yet. Six new stages will feature in the title, and five more fighters including Rolento, Elena, Hugo and Poison will each have their own opening sequences to the game's (brief) main campaign. Fans will also no doubt remember that Tekken X Street Fighter is on its way in 2014 too- in short, next year will be a superb time to follow the development of the fighter genre!

Ultra Street Fighter IV retails for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in June 2014 and for PC in August 2014.

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