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Friday, 20 December 2013

Transcendence Teaser Trailers Released

Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman narrate Transcendence's eerie trails...
Warner Brothers Pictures have today released two teaser trailers for their upcoming science-fiction movie Transcendence. Starring Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall and Morgan Freeman, the flick revolves around a near-future scientist (Depp) who inadvertently creates a self-aware Artificial Intelligence, with disastrous results.

For now, the two videos (below) simply feature narration from Depp and Freeman, albeit to quite eerie effect for the viewer. The latter actor of the pair doesn't appear visually in his teaser, but Depp does, and is looking rather warped as he does so. A premise regarding destructive, omniscient AI is hardly original in the indsutry right now- even i, Robot covered such territory in 2004- yet the potential here for a unique and successful production seems high on the basis of these initial previews.

Transcendence initiates its protocol in cinemas worldwide on April 18th, 2014.

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