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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Expose: Batman Arkham Origins Review

Check out our verdict on the Dark Knight's latest video game adventure at Expose via our link article...
As you'll no doubt have noticed from this particular On-Screen article's title, we're adding another secondary source to which yours truly contributes to our roster of URL articles. Whenever I post a film, video gaming or general entertainment-based piece over at the University of Exeter's student magazine Expose, you'll know about it right here at On-Screen.

What's first on our roster? Why, none other than a full review of Warner Brothers Montreal's debut video game product, a superhero prequel by the name of Batman Arkham Origins. I'm saddened to admit that it's not up to the standard of Arkham Asylum or Arkham City; however, there's some quality content in there which deserves to be witnessed and played by hardcore fans. Our final score for the title here at On-Screen is 6/10. Here's the link: http://xmedia.ex.ac.uk/wp/wordpress/alternative-review-batman-arkham-origins/

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