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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New Rock Of Ages Trailer Released

A brand new look at this year's biggest music movie...
Forget StreetDance 2 and Step Up 2- they're tired sequels in dance franchises that are aging rather terribly. No, what you need this year to inject some hardcore music into your cinema goings-ons is Rock Of Ages, the star-studded adaptation of the hit Broadway and West End musical. The story focuses on a bar where love is brewing, but where financial problems and a ruthless group of builders could mean the establishment's destruction, and the only thing that can save the budding romances and the bar is hard rock itself. So it's not the most complex or emotive plot ever, but it's the music you'll want to look out for: Don't Stop Believing; The Final Countdown; Shadows Of The Night and Anyway You Want It are just the tip of the iceberg for a brilliant setlist sure to ensure that this musical flick will not be forgotten in a hurry. The new trailer gives a few more glimpses of Tom Cruise as the legendary Stacee Jaxx and Alec Baldwin as Dennis Dupree, and it's all looking pretty damn promising so far. Keep your eye on Rock Of Ages, 'cause when it hits on June 16th, I'm willing to bet it might become known as one of 2012's sleeper hits!

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