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Monday, 16 June 2014

Angry Birds Transformers Announced

Source: CNET
Birds disguised as Robots in disguise...we're confused already.
Rovio Entertainment Ltd and Hasbro have today announced the development of Angry Birds Transformers for release on mobile devices later this year. Marking the landmark tenth instalment in the best-selling franchise of puzzle-physics handheld video games (before this Autumn's allegedly series-revolutionizing spin-off Angry Birds Stella), this licensed entry will act as a not-so-coincidental tie-in to Michael Bay's impending big-screen follow-up Transformers: Age of Extinction ahead of (or after- release details are TBC) the latter's launch next month.

It wouldn't be an Angry Birds game without a sizeable number of cringeworthy puns, of course, and in this respect, Transformers won't come up lacking in the slightest. Rather than sticking with the beloved comic-books and TV series' traditional faction titles, Rovio are naming the titular winged protagonists "Autobirds" and their persistent porky foes the "Deceptihogs" (we're truly sorry- these almost insulting words are completely beyond our control), and as was the case with Angry Birds Star Wars II (available now for iOS and Android phones), it'll boast Telepod functionality too. Keep it On-Screen in the days ahead to learn more on the project's development progress and its major gameplay alterations (we can dream, can't we?).

Angry Birds Transformers will mobilize on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Kindle handheld consoles this Summer.

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