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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Splash! Cancelled

Source: The Telegraph
Another show bites the dust as the Olympic diver starts preparations for the 2016 Games.
iTV have this week announced the cancellation of their celebrity sports programme Splash!. Hosted by Gabby Logan and Vernon Kay, the weekly Saturday primetime series centred on a diving contest between various celebrities who had been recently mentored by Olympic bronze medalist Tom Daley so as to prepare for the Games-esque competition ahead of them.

Despite not necessarily being this writer's cup of tea, Splash! has performed remarkably well from a ratings perspective, its success evidenced by the 5-million average viewing ratings of Season One and the 3.75-million average produced by Season Two earlier this year. According to a iTV source who spoke to the Radio Times, "commitments to training for Rio" are preventing Daley from returning for a third series rather than the second run's slight ratings lull. Fans of the British athlete who are desperate to see more of him outside of any upcoming training videos needn't fret, however, since the same source claimed that "[iTV] love having him on the channel and are looking at other projects for him".

Stay tuned to On-Screen in the coming weeks for all of the latest developments on upcoming BBC and iTV television projects.

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