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Sunday, 29 June 2014

New Sense8 Central Cast Member Announced

Source: Eye of Horus
From Time Lords to telepaths - Freema Agyeman is back in action on Netflix...
Studio JMS and Netflix have this week announced a new central cast member for their upcoming science-fiction drama Sense8. Focusing on the potential future effects of our society's ever-advancing implementation of modern technology, the series will première exclusively on Netflix and packs a potent ensemble of up-and-coming international thespians such as Naveen Andrews and Brian J. Smith.

For anyone who's paid even the slightest ounce of attention to Doctor Who since its 2005 revival, however, the latest addition to the on-screen team should ring a cloister bell instantly: Freema Agyeman. Since at least seven months still separate us from laying eyes upon the first season of this intriguing project as a whole, Agyeman (who has also featured in productions such as Torchwood and Law and Order since her departure from the TARDIS)'s role logically remains a closely guarded secret, but to know that the talented actress who accomplished the considerable feat of following on from Billie Piper's beloved Rose Tyler in 2007 is attached is enough in itself to raise our anticipation levels higher than ever before.

Sense8's dramatic first season débuts on Netflix in Spring 2015

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