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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Penny Dreadful Second Season Commissioned

Source: The Guardian
One of the most daring adaptations of English literature yet continues next year.
Showtime and Sky have this week announced the commissioning of a second season of their horror drama Penny Dreadful to air in 2015. Featuring a range of classic literary characters including Victor Frankenstein and Dorian Grey, the series takes place in a fantastical alternate version of history where these constructs are living beings who interact with one another and whose beloved narratives interweave in Victorian London.

Here in the UK, the show (which stars the likes of Eva Green and Timothy Dalton) airs on Sky Atlantic every Tuesday evening at 9pm, and it seems fairly safe to assert that the same will be said of Season Two this time next year. Ratings in the United States for Season One were relatively strong on Showtime, averaging roughly 0.8 million viewers per instalment. Though these kinds of viewing figures hardly put it in the same league as Game of Thrones or True Detective, they clearly are commendable enough in this day and age to warrant a re-commission, and given the strength of the first run so far, we're relieved to hear that it won't mark the end of the programme overall.

Penny Dreadful continues on Sky Atlantic with "Demimonde" this Tuesday June 10th at 9pm and will return to Showtime and Sky Atlantic for its action-packed second season in Spring 2015.

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