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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Doctor Strange Director Announced

Source: Schmoes Know
Steven Strange makes his magical début in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
Variety have today announced the director of Marvel Studios' upcoming fantasy superhero blockbuster Doctor Strange. Having long been teased by executive producer Kevin Feige, this is a project for which fans have been clamouring for quite some time now, and we're sure that Feige and co will be mustering all of their mystical mojo to bring us a universe-shattering first reveal at ComicCon later this Summer.

Perched on the director's chair will be Scott Derrickson, whose best-known work is probably as the helm of the commercially successful 2012 horror movie Sinister. He's also currently attached to write CBS Films' adaptation of Square Enix's Deus Ex video games franchise, but somehow we suspect that Doctor Strange will take greater precedence given the speed with which Marvel will probably want to get the project up and running. That's literally all we know for now (Derrickson tweeted the news barely ten minutes ago, so this article comes to you direct from the presses, so to speak, and you can see the tweet for yourself below), so keep it On-Screen in the days ahead for all the latest news on this and Marvel Studios' other upcoming motion pictures...
Doctor Strange will conjure its first spell in cinemas worldwide on either July 8th, 2016 or May 5th, 2017 (these are two dates which Marvel has booked as-of-yet unspecified MCU films for, in other words).

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