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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Constantine Première Date Announced

Source: Variety
Watch out Gotham, The Flash and Arrow- an innovative DC TV project is coming for you!
NBC have this week announced the US première date for the first season of their newly-commissioned supernatural drama TV series Constantine. Loosely adapted from Detective Comics (better known to us as DC)' Hellblazer comic-strip, the show centres on a gifted British magician and exorcist who comes into contact with a range of manipulative angels and Earth-threatening demons from Heaven and Hell alike.

From that intriguing fantastical premise alone, it should be abundantly clear already that this is by no means your standard DC screen production. In stark contrast to projects such as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Flash, NBC's first fully-fledged comic-book show will demonstrate some of the largely untapped elements of their source material's universe, and whilst there will be no interaction with other brands such as the Man of Steel franchise (the set-up with Warner Brothers, The CW, Fox and NBC is similar to the licensing conflicts between Marvel Studios/ABC, Fox and Sony), last month's teaser trailer certainly indicated that the writing team have encountered few problems when it comes to holding their own against their televisual adversaries.

Constantine will première on NBC this October 24th.

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