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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Batman: Arkham Origins - The Complete Edition Leaked

Source: Eurogamer
Everyone's favourite Caped Crusader returns for a half-hearted victory run. You're welcome...?
Amazon.de have this week leaked the existence of an upgraded current-generation version of Warner Brothers Montreal's 2013 open-world action-adventure video game Batman: Arkham Origins. Titled Batman: Arkham Origins - The Complete Edition, the bumper-sized product will (we presume - the box art, above, doesn't exactly reveal much regarding its content) feature both the original single-player and multiplayer campaigns along with all of the downloadable content which has been uploaded to Xbox Live, PSN and PC marketplaces since Origins' original retail release last October.

Of course, news such as this would be met with a far warmer reception from the On-Screen team if the original product in question warranted a 'Game of the Year Edition'-esque re-release, yet as commendable candidates for an update go, Arkham Origins doesn't rank as one of the more obvious choices, particularly since it earned itself a mere 6/10 at the climax of our scarcely complementary review (which can be found over at Expose, by our recollection). In case you missed out on Origins and are hoping to find out how WB Montreal dropped the ball first-hand, here's a brief round-up of the DLC which will feature in The Complete Edition:
  • Deathstroke Pack- Contains a playable Deathstroke for use in Origins' Challenge Maps component, Injustice: Gods Among Us and Judas Contract skins for the character and two Deathstroke-themed Challenge Maps.
  • Knightfall Pack- Contains five The Dark Knight Returns-inspired Challenge Maps and two new skins for Batman.
  • Batman Legends Skin Pack- Contains four new skins (Batman Long Halloween, Thrillkiller, Earth 2 and Dark Knight of the Round Table) for Batman.
  • New Millennium Skin Pack- Contains five new skins (First Appearance (1939), Red Son, Noel, New 52, Blackest Night) for Batman and a single new skin (2006-2008 Tim Drake) for his faithful accomplice Robin.
  • Infinite Earths Skin Pack- Contains one more skin (1989-2006 Classic Tim Drake) for use with Robin in Arkham Origins' multiplayer component.
  • Initiation Challenge Map Pack- Contains two further skins (Initiation and Vigilante) for Batman's use within the main campaign, online modes and Challenge Maps and five League of Shadows-themed Challenge Maps.
  • Black Mask Challenge Map Pack- Contains two new Black Mask-inspired Challenge Maps.
  • Cold, Cold Night- A single-player DLC mini-campaign which takes place after the events of Arkham Origins and chronicles the Dark Knight's initial encounter with Victor Fries, aka Mr Freeze!
Batman: Arkham Origins - The Complete Edition is scheduled (according to Amazon.de) for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC this August 21st.

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