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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Second Guardians of the Galaxy TV Spot Released

"I Am Groot." Marvel set a course for uncharted territory in July!
Marvel Studios have this week released the second television trailer for their upcoming science-fiction superhero movie Guardians of the Galaxy (via the NBA Live Finals). Starring Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Karen Gillan and countless other British and Hollywood A-listers, this increasingly thrilling blockbuster looks set to take the world by storm in a month or so's time.

Indeed, the initial TV spot (below) does nothing to quell our anticipation, instead serving only to ramp up the tension involved with waiting until July 31st to breaking point. Whether it's the bombastic space-bound set-pieces, the sheer hilarity of many of the trail's gags or the accomplished and rather inspired nature of what we've heard of the soundtrack so far, it appears that Guardians' marketing campaign can't put a foot wrong at this point. Here's hoping that we can say the same about the production overall once we've laid eyes upon the finished product.

Guardians of the Galaxy breaks out of its cell and into UK cinemas nationwide this July 31st.

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