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Thursday, 5 June 2014

FIFA 15 Announced

Source: Notebook Check
Never mind next week's video game reveals at E3- who could've predicted this?
Electronic Arts have today announced the development of FIFA 15 for release later this year. The second instalment of the somehow critically lauded series of identikit sports video games to bridge current- and next-generation consoles will be officially revealed with a full gameplay trailer at the publisher's E3 2014 showcase next Monday, June 9th.

Though it feels as if we're covering well-trodden territory at this point (indeed, anyone who's followed our coverage of previous FIFA annual announcements wouldn't be crazy to notice an onset of deja vu in the midst of reading this piece), we here at On-Screen will at least do you, dear reader, the courtesy of stating the bleeding obvious regarding what to expect from the franchise's latest outing. EA Canada are likely to be on developing duties this time around, since they've done a wholly credible job in recent years of maintaining the seemingly endless series' popularity (for all our criticisms, there's no doubting that FIFA is still an incredibly lucrative property in the video games industry thanks to its loyal fanbase).

One console which won't benefit- depending on your stance on the franchise, anyway- from receiving the 2015 edition is the PlayStation 2, as short of Sony fans marching to EA's front doors and threatening to tear their HQ down, FIFA 14 was intended to have been the series' final last-gen chapter (and probably the final PS2 title to be released as well, which is saying something when you think that the console first shipped back in 2000). Check out the remarkably concise and to-the-point teaser trailer for the game below.

FIFA 15 will kick off on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, PC and other to-be-announced platforms this September.

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