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Sunday, 8 June 2014

First Mirror's Edge Reboot Promotional Image Released

Source: VG 24-7
Have a little Faith ahead of EA's official E3 press conference tomorrow.
Electronic Arts have today released the first promotional image for the upcoming reboot of their Mirror's Edge series of first-person platforming video games. Developed by DICE, the much-anticipated revival outing will again feature the mysterious jumper (apologies if we reminded you of the atrocious 2008 Hayden Christensen film of the same name there) Faith as its central protagonist, though the jury is out right now on whether it'll take place before or after the events of the original game or in a different narrative continuity altogether.

Unless we're missing something obvious, there's not tonnes of concrete game-play info to be gained from observing the image in question (above), save for that an appearance from DICE with at least a beta form of the title at EA's E3 2014 press showcase tomorrow is pretty much guaranteed. Other products confirmed to feature in both the conference and the ensuing game-play testing sessions which will be held over the remainder of the week include FIFA 15, Battlefield: Hardline and The Sims 4, and as if those weren't enough, we're also eagerly anticipating the emergence of Criterion's latest project and the various Star Wars games which are currently in the works at DICE (Battlefront), Visceral (TBC) and BioWare (TBC).

"EA World Première: E3 2014 Preview" will air online tomorrow, June 9th at 10pm.

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